Mumbai Medium

After dicovering my love for 35mm film I decided to try my hand at medium format film street photography with an old Bronica I borrowed from a friend.  Although these are not your typical street photography images, there is something I quite like about them.  Shooting with the Bronica was a very new experience and I obviously couldn’t make images as quickly and ‘invisibly’ as with my Leica and that took me a while to get used to.  But then I figured that since the larger format forces me to slow down anyway, why not try shooting on the street with slow shutter speeds.  This idea got me out early mornings and took me to low light areas later in the day so I could try and capture the images I had in mind.

I mostly used the Fuji Neopan Acros which is a ISO 100 film which allowed me the slower shutter speeds I required.  Some shots were taken with Tri-x.  BTW I was really impressed with Neopan Acros and it costs only about $2!

Slowly I started to enjoy the process of shooting with a medium format camera out in the streets and I’m pretty sure it will find a permanent place in my bag besides the Leica.

The Gateway of India is a good place to shoot since it has its share of characters and is full of camera touting tourists that make it easy to blend in.  The problem is tripods are not allowed so I managed to get this shot off just before security got to me.

There are still some old parts of Mumbai which could be very beautiful if well maintained.  But unfortunately there is hardly a street where you won’t find cars…often big fancy ones!

This is a path that leads to the mosque which is built in the middle of the sea.  It is only accessible at low tide when thousands throng to it to offer their prayer.

Got lucky with this guy in white being rendered as a ghost because of the slow shutter speed and a bit more light hitting him at just the right time.

This lady knew she was in the photograph and stayed still for the entire 4 sec exposure.  And somehow she got her dog to stay still as well! I wish all models were that cooperative:-)

Indians are a God fearing people.  This man is praying at sunrise.

Even in the narrowest of alleys and in spite  of the precariously seated passengers, it is impossible to get the crazy Mumbai truck drivers to slow down.

This lovely old and well maintained building houses the Conde Nast office.  I recently shot a very interesting feature for them on Luxury fishing in Corbett (a popular Tiger Reserve in India).

An eeriely empty subway crossing.  These places are usually crowded with pedestrians and hawkers.

Thats it for now.  Decided to carry my medium format passion to Istanbul.  Will post my images from that incredible city shortly


7 thoughts on “Mumbai Medium

  1. Way to go Kaushal! These are really amazing. Good to hear that you managed to escape the corporate world. Istanbul will be beautiful and I can’t wait to see the pictures you take there.

      1. Yup, live in Vancouver. It’s pretty here too. Was in India last year working on the infamous Commonwealth Games. Have worked on the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver too, so you can say life has been an interesting adventure.

  2. These are some really fabulous photographs. I really love the blurring in the images. The lady with the dog is particularly interesting, as making a dog sit in that position for 4 secs is just not possible, and that is what really makes that image. Ofcourse the blurring of the people and the magnificent Rajabai Tower in the background add more layers to the story:)
    It’s just fascinating that film gradations from black to white is so bloody good!
    I’m not very educated in Medium Format photography, but was just curious as to how you managed to get such long exposures in daylight without the final image being completely washed out. Were any sort of filters used to stop the light?

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