Mumbai Monsoon

The rains are finally here.  Shooting on the streets of Mumbai is an entirely different ballgame this time of year with the downpours and the light (although I quite like the grey look).  Here are a few images i shot in the last couple of days…unfortunately pushed the film but forgot to compensate when developing so the negs were a bit underexposed…but not too bad i think.



Fun between downpours…

Homework is an unnecessary load!

Not monkeying around – it’s work.

They had stopped to have lunch…too sweet!

Actually got his feet dirty??

These guys on the truck have the impossible task of keeping the city clean…talk about no job satisfaction

Rarely see the roads so empty in the middle of the day

What’s wrong with this picture?

Now that’s a great idea!

Having said that I am off to the streets…more later.  Will also post my Istanbul street pics in the next few days…most incredible city!


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