Turkey in colour

Here are some of the colour ‘holiday’ pics I shot in Turkey mainly to please my wife (with a few b&w thrown in for me).  The coast was amazing. Incredible water – a vibrant turquoise. But bone chilling … I think my heart stopped beating for a few seconds the first time i jumped in. And the towns along the coast are just adorable.  In Kash, my favourite, we spent four nights there and by the third night we knew every shop owner and almost all the restaurant staff. We felt so at home. And don’t even get me started on the food and the private sunset cruise. Magical!


The balloon ride over Cappadocia was preposterously expensive and totally not worth it.  We decided to go on horseback through the landscape and actually had a awesome time.

I believe I can fly!

This cat followed me for two hours as I photographed one morning.

Magical Kash

The view from our Kash hotel.  One of the islands in the distance is actually a Greek island.  You need a Shengen visa to go there…just 15 minutes away.  Bizarre!

Along with a couple of friends we rented an amazing boat and cruised the waters till sunset.  The captain cooked us a amazing meal of fresh Bream for lunch.  And we even snorkeled  in different spots including a lovely little cove.

This is not a pool! You can see the ocean bed which must have been at least 10 metres deep at this point.

The perfect pot of tea

Another not as impressive, but still fun, boat ride at Kalkan.

Trick photography.  My wife was very pleased with her long legs but wasn’t too pleased when the shopkeeper volunteered to lift her dress and pull it over the half-mannequin.

Our friends daughter just got a new bikini and decided to dance around the island and announce her acquisition through song

Strange but popular bar in Fethiye

Notice the excited and proud guy under the sweet paprica

That tiny figure is my wife.  She suffers from the “lets climb every mountain” syndrome.

And explore every cave…

We had an interesting trek at Butterfly Valley which apparently led to a waterfall.  Got pretty close and could hear the falls but unfortunately had to turn around as our boat guy was on his way to fetch us.

Pammukale.  This is an entire rock face of limestone and hot springs.  It was spectacular but the journey there and back was very long.

No dress code

We rented a boat to go to the hot springs and mud baths in Dalyan.  Dalyan is a lovely town situated on a canal that connects Koycegiz lake to the Mediterranean Sea.

As the sun appeared from behind the clouds it revealed the crazy colour of the water. Apparently the water gets this colour from high levels of sulphur deposits.

A storm approached as we lay in the hot springs.  But we couldn’t give a damn.

On the way to the beach.  This was like a Japanese painting except for the European couple with their dog.

At a protected area around the beach, these guys on a boat were attracting the endangered loggerhead turtles with crab shells.  They also were cooking fresh crab for those who wanted.  Obviously I pigged out!

It was cold on the beach but obviously this little girl with an ice cream didn’t think so

Bodrum is the Ibiza of Turkey.  Ten years ago I would have strongly recommended it.  Now not so much.  We went there because my wife wanted to go to Ephesus. Not worth it IMO.

The only image I shot in Ephesus

Finally in Istanbul! Checked into our room with a view!  Sultanahmet is the place to stay.

This was shot right outside our hotel before we checked in.  Thought I would end with this b&w image since from here on I only shot b&w medium format film.

Turkey was definitely one of my best vacations ever from the perspective of a tourist as well as a photographer.


5 thoughts on “Turkey in colour

  1. I have just found your website through ‘stevehuffphoto’ and have happily spent the last hour or so absorbing your brilliant images and being graced by your wonderful talent. You include a great amount of feeling in your images and share a deep reverance and love for the locations and subjects you engage with. A fantastic find and one that i have favourited, I will visit back often! Thank you for sharing what you love to do and please do keep the magic flowing!!

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