Mumbai Streets

I said I would post a few more Holga images but have been lazy and have not developed the 120mm film.

I did however develop a couple of 35mm films so here are a few images from my last wander around the city.  I’m convinced that another street photographer got a shot of me fumbling with my umbrella and camera, inadvertently stepping into every puddle in my vigilant search for images. The hunter became the hunted! Anyway the Leica withstood the rain impressively but unloading and loading film wasn’t easy.

The city gets some much needed rain

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Waiting in the rain

Waiting for the bus


The above image of this couple was shot over two months ago before the monsoons had fully kicked in.  The image below was shot about two weeks ago.  They are in almost the same position in relation to each other and are wearing almost the same clothes.

I really enjoy shooting around the Gateway of India in the rain – none of the usually crazy crowds. A totally different feel.

Unconditional love

Self control

It is amusing how all the tourists get their photograph taken with their hands up like this.  From the photographers perspective it looks like they hare holding the dome of the Taj hotel in the background.

Posing again. All of them!

It’s surprising how many customers these contracted Gateway of India photographers get even in this digital age when everyone can afford a camera. It’s a good thing they get business and all otherwise they might just slip through the CRACKs!

Taxi driver’s siesta

The bus looks like it might topple over. No siesta for bus drivers and bus conductors!

It looked like the guy was holding the vehicle from rolling into the traffic. Local superman.

Wonder who set the trend…

End of another day


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