Some Mumbai street favourites

A few of these images were included in my essay on shooting on the streets of Mumbai which was posted on Eric Kim’s blog and can be found at

I have also run out of film so have been forced back to digital till I can get my hands on some tri-x.  However, this time around I am really enjoying shooting with my Lumix LX3 on the street.  I don’t shoot machine-gun style any more eg. yesterday I walked the streets for 3 hours and shot about 26 images…i guess it’s the film training and discipline wearing off on my digital style:-)

And I have to say the Lumix LX3 is a very impressive performer.  I could not believe the details it held even in the highlights of contrasty images.  Just need to perfect my processing skills to completely welcome digital back into my street arsenal.


4 thoughts on “Some Mumbai street favourites

  1. definitely favorites.. mine are the reflectoin of the children in the window, the marine drive , the mochi and the crow’s shadow , fisherman and cat and the man and the mannequin..

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