Govinda festival on the streets

Didn’t manage to spend too much time shooting the Govinda festival at Dadar this weekend as my camera got drenched when someone threw a bucket of water on me (luckily no damage).  But the hour I spent amidst the local folk was quite an experience.  The music and dancing and energy was palpable fueled I’m sure by ‘spiritual substances’.  Teams of men and women formed human pyramids upto 40 feet high to get to the bounty in the matka (clay pot).  While I was there 2 people were taken to hospital after nasty falls when the pyramid crumpled.  The streets were filled with revelling mobs on their way to the next matka.  And of course the rain was incessant!

Crowds below and residents and several photographers in the safer and drier balconies above

A better view

Its always politics at the helm of everything.  The Hand of Congress.

Out in his boxers

Nothing will stop them from braving the crowds – love that he was standing under the Volini ad 🙂

Head gear

The human pyramid

Not everyone was enthralled

An empty truck awaits a team of matka breakers

He still managed a nap among the chaos


10 thoughts on “Govinda festival on the streets

  1. Damn good pictures! Panasonic or Leica, not sure what the difference is, I am very impressed.

    Still think I have the best one 🙂

    And did you break a handi?

    1. Thanks Simon! Am so excited about the x100…getting it this weekend. Judging by your images it is quite a capable camera:) Any tips on how to use it on the street will be appreciated…

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