Small town street

I was in Cochin, Kerela for three days recently.  Spent a day around Ernakulum shooting in and around the spice market and along the boardwalk. Also took a boat tour for the experience. The next two days were spent in Fort Cochin (I will post the Fort Cochin images in my next post).

Cochin is a much smaller town than Mumbai but still not so small that there is a dearth of stuff happening.  In fact I quite enjoyed shooting on the streets here because the people were really laid back and were not at all threatened by my camera (tiny as it was).  Not one person stopped me from taking their picture and not a single cop questioned my intentions.  It was a really relaxed session of street photography.

The first image I made was by intentional luck.  My lens fogged up when I stepped out of the air-conditioned hotel into the humid street.  I was about to wipe it when I got the idea to take a shot first.  I was quite pleased with my cleverness:)

Nothing there buddy!

check mate

I saw this relaxing bear from accross the road and walked up to see if there was an image I could make.  Couldn’t believe my luck when I saw the sleeping man!

Boarded our boat here.  That is not our boat.

For a second I thought she had lost her head

Fishermen.  I gorged on some amazing seafood in Cochin!

Will post the Fort Cochin images soon. Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Small town street

  1. Good to have these come up so soon. Loved checkmate, and the relaxing duo. Others cool too. The fisherman in boat has a nice holiday mood to it. Waiting for Fort cochin..

    ps: now that you remind me of seafood! 😦

  2. Love the mood of the first image with the fogged up lens! Worked great!
    The fisherman image is great too…which camera are you using? not that it matters because your compositions are amazing…i’m new to photography and can learn a great deal by looking at your images, so thanks 🙂

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