Fort Cochin

Fort Cochin, which is about a 45 minute drive from Ernakullam, is surrounded by water and is easily the prettiest part of Cochin, Kerela.  This is where you can see the famous Chinese fishing nets.  In what they call “Jew Town” there are some fabulous antique shops and the popular Jewish Synagogue.  Our hotel was a gorgeous heritage property right on the beach which I soon discovered was the hotbed of activity and the best place to photograph.  The marina extended all along the ocean edge and also offered up many opportunities for good images.  Overall I really enjoyed shooting here and there was not even the slightest bit of aggression towards me – a camera toting tourist:)

Our gorgeous boutique hotel – highly recommended and good value for money

Made our way to Jew town to check out some shops and the synagogue

I had to wait outside while my wife went into the synagogue because they didn’t allow cameras.  Worked out well – you never know when an image may appear

Back in Fort Cochin, I was hoping these crows would fly onto one swing each.  If only things happened the way I wanted when I wanted 😉

Walked past these guys and my wife looked at me like she couldn’t believe I didn’t take a picture.  Just swallowed my apprehension and turned back and made an image.

Spent 15 minutes with these cute sibblings

When the dog’s asleep the cat will play:)

Quite hitchcockish I thought

Walked into this church which was empty because it was under renovation.  My wife immediately went and sat down to imbibe the serene atmosphere.  Once again she was responsible for one of my favourite images 🙂

I passed this foreigner in an Indian outfit and thought about photographing her but for some reason didn’t.  Then about a half hour later when I was walking back she was still standing there on the same rock.  This time I couldn’t resist.

Early morning coffee and then a day around the beach and marina

Fort Cochin may be a sleepy area but the beach is alive with action.

Decisive moment

Some wake early – others need their sleep

Kite flying and kite watching

A perspective shot which worked!

And where there is a beach there will be romance

Who are these guys on my beach??

Freedom, joy and innocence

One last dip


8 thoughts on “Fort Cochin

  1. hey Kaushal, these are awesome. I am beginning to see through your style of work, main subject, secondary subject, a 3rd element (flying birds in frame), use of scale and atmosphere.. wow. Each of them has such strong story that i have seem them 3 times and yet to pick the fav. They all are super keepers and you must be proud of these.

  2. Very clever eye for subtle messages. Old man on bench…behind him the banyan tree spreads it’s girth, an impervious witness to the lives of the many men who have paused for rest under its protective shade and now have gone.

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