A Collection of images which didn’t make it into my previous posts

Mirror surface

In a larger print you can read his t-shirt which says “Cleanses the body, Refreshes the spirit, Revives the soul”.  I couldn’t agree more…love is a universal cure 🙂



Walking on the wall by the stormy sea is dangerous and claims many lives but some people just don’t get it!

Innocent fun in the tucked away parts of Mumbai


Battery street

Dhobi Ghat where people wash clothes and themselves apparently

Attitude is everything

Sunset at Marine Drive


8 thoughts on “A Collection of images which didn’t make it into my previous posts

  1. A delightfully varied selection. I particularly like the dhobi ghat shot and ‘attitude is everything’. The figure running across the wet (?) road is also very fine. You have a really good eye. And of course they are all B&W, which I prefer. I’d love to do a Bombay photo shoot.

    1. Thanks Andrew! Do plan a trip to Bombay…I will take you on some interesting shoots. In fact wish you could make it for a workshop I am organising which is going to be conducted by Eric Kim (a well know street photographer from LA) in the first half of November. Will be a lot of fun with a group of like-minded people exploring the streets of Bombay:)

  2. My favorite is “Footprints” however you and others should know that I just love all your work. Your photos are from the soul and that’s what makes them special.
    Keep up the great work, you inspire me.

  3. Pick me up is clever. Lovely shots. You should title them.. good to remember and reference. Am back from Sydney, struggled to find time to shoot. Spend some 3 hrs one evening, got few shots – hope manage a couple of keepers. Share when we meet.

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