Chowpatty Beach – Part II

Its been a while since my last post as I have been busy with organising the street photography workshops in Mumbai with Eric Kim in the first half of November.  The response has been excellent and the workshops should be filled with a lot of fun and learning…very excited!

Anyway I headed to the beach once again with the Fuji x100. I am steadily getting more attached to this camera.  I have figured out a system that works for me and the x100 is becoming a seamless tool in my hands, allowing me to focus more on making images.


She was a bit exasperated as sales slowed when everyone started watching a performance at the far end behind her

I saw a resemlance

Break dancers

It took her a while to convince her son to get out of the ocean

She spent the next several minutes absorbed in drying and dusting him off – totally oblivious to me and my camera

Synchronized photography

Something about this image I like but not sure what it is

Innocent fun

Man relaxes as his kids build him a castle

The ball is out of the frame which actually makes the image more interesting – I thought

Caught the little girl looking longingly at the balloons – decisive moment

These guys do good business providing mats to lovers who wish to cozy up on the beach

This poor dog had been given a big black ‘tikka’ on his forehead.  Either some religious thing or just to ward of evil

A dog is an important member of the family


So peacefully asleep


9 thoughts on “Chowpatty Beach – Part II

  1. Wow. you got quiet a few keepers. I loved all of them, the fav for me would be – the girl longing for the balloons, the ball out of frame, breakdancers. This could well turn out to be a good project – Chowpatty Project.
    Look forward to the workshop. Clearly the demand is very high – not seen a single flyer and I guess you are already full. Right!

    1. Thanks Mayank…hope i can keep the chowpatty project going for a few months at least. Yes the workshop has got a good response. The first 2 batches are full. There are about 3-4 spots still open in the Nov 12-13 batch. Should be fun!

  2. Agree, some nice images. My favourite is Nonchalance but the bowling shot is very good too. The Eric Kim sessions should be interesting. I wasn’t smitten with his comments on chimping though. Histograms aren’t 100% reliable and neither are frame lines. I see his point but I hope he focusses on technique and creativity for you.

    1. Thanks Andrew. Quite excited about the workshop and from what I have gathered, Eric’s workshops are focussed mainly on how to create a good image with several technique tips and a bit of tech stuff as well. Chimping I suppose is a personal preference and if it helps one when shooting then by all means do it, otherwise don’t – i guess that goes for any technique really. Ultimately it is the body of work you create that matters:)

  3. first balloon shot, the rope shot, and the shot of the child asleep in the car are spectacular. well done.
    paul from alabama

  4. Wow…I love this collection. My husband and I lived in Mumbai for 18 months and only returned home 2 months ago. These photographs took me back to the city I fell in love with…I miss it soooo much!!! Look forward to seeing more of your photos and wish I was there for the workshop! Love the rope, nonchalance and the boy coming out of the ocean…great work 🙂

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