Banganga and Byculla zoo with the Fuji x100

Stepping into Banganga is really like stepping back in time.  Life just seems to slow down which is great for a street photographer because it’s easier to catch those special moments.

Pure innocence

She was just a senile lady screaming at all the kids who just watched her with amusement

Stages of life

Kids can have fun anywhere

He had a huge scar on his chest and stomach but was least conscious of being photographed

The Byculla zoo is located on a gorgeous piece of land but the zoo itself is awful…loads of screaming people all ignoring the ‘silence please’ signs


The light hit the deer just perfectly…you can even see the antlers

Hippo (in the distance).  The animal living conditions are really quite miserable


Family moment


12 thoughts on “Banganga and Byculla zoo with the Fuji x100

  1. i really love the Banganga photographs, specially stages of life and the kid staring through the window. Banganga truly is a street photographers paradise. Kinda like Mumbai’s version of Varanasi for me:P Btw you should count yourself lucky that you got to see the hippo open his jaws and give you a look at his teeth. last time i saw that was when i was a kid:P
    As for Ranibaug, well i completely agree with you. I mean there was a time when that place had a position of pride in the city. I used to go there quite often, as i stay close by. Sometimes i just used to stare at Laxmi, the tigress, walk from one end of the cage to the other, for hours. Such grace she had. But now when i go there, which is very rarely, the condition of animals just saddens me everytime. The tourists, teasing and disturbing, the bored animals does not help things either. Shiva, the rhino has been living alone since i was a toddler! The lions there are in a pathetic state. Just a sad overall scene as far as animals are concerned.

  2. Stages of life is a special shot. Hippo .. in the distance was fun too. If only the hippo in the distance would have stepped out of his pool..

    Its interesting to note that two of your best shots in this series are shot at same place. No? The lady screaming at kids and the stages of life. Amusing to see how there are always moments to be seen first and then captured.

  3. I loved the shot with the dog and the kid peering out of the window….truly classic. I hope this doesn’t sound exaggerating, but it did remind me of Cartier-Bresson.

  4. As other viewers pointed out, the third shot is very precious indeed, everything is perfect there: composition, light, and story. I particularly like also the following one, the 11th (even if it’s the caption to make it!) and the 12th one.

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