I often find that starting out with a theme in mind is a good warm up tool for a day out in the streets.  Sleep has been one of my favourite themes and so I put together a theme on “sleep” with new as well as a few old images in my collection.


15 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. The 4th and 5th are brilliant. I really like the play with the strong shadows and the repetitive lines in the 4th one. The 5th photo stands out because it is different from all the other ones in this set in terms of mood and composition. Really like the tranquility of this picture and how your eye is guided to the sleeping man. Great work overall.

  2. Kaushal, this is an amazing series! I think all the shots are keepers on their own with some of them that stand out for a different style (5th and 13th) or for being really special captures in several ways (7th, 8th, 9th, 13th). Great work as usual

  3. Hi Kaushal,
    a very interesting collection on the Sleep theme. i find all the images to be very very good, but its the last one and the one with the kid in the dupatta that really make me linger on. both are a commentary on the degradation of humanity in different ways for me.
    Just read your interview on the Leica Blog. got to know more of the person behind the camera:) Great to see the Indian Street Photographers site up and running. Got to work hard on a portfolio of images, so that i can be a part of this collective.
    take care:)

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