Garry Winogrand videos

Garry Winogrand was one of the most prolific street photographers of this century. A lot of photographers are famous for the pictures they exhibited; Garry Winogrand is famous for pictures he never even developed. When Winogrand died in 1984, he left more than 2500 rolls of film exposed but undeveloped, 6500 rolls developed but not proofed, and 3000 rolls proofed but not examined. That’s a total of a third of a million unedited exposures.

Some say it is better to shoot a lot. Others prefer to control the trigger and shoot more selectively. Ultimately it doesn’t matter. Winogrand shot several rolls a day. In his videos it almost seems like he didn’t put much thought into his images. He saw something he liked and instinctively would fire the shutter. But he is known for his amazing collection of images. Regardless of whether they were chosen from a body of 1000 images or a million images they are considered great because they are powerful images in themselves.

Hope you enjoy these videos.


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