Chowpatty beach and Mumbai street shot with film

I just love everything about film – the tones, the inconvenience, the developing process, the surprise and the value of each frame.  Digital is a great invention for the photographic world but film is what keeps me coming back:)


Beach bombs


A quick peek


Scan the horizon





14 thoughts on “Chowpatty beach and Mumbai street shot with film

  1. Another fine collection. My favourites are Clone – wonderfully observed – and Co-exist. I do agree about the pleasure of shooting with film but I’m afraid I invariably reach for the digital. The M3 is a treat for ‘special days’.

  2. Quick peek was wicked and clone was well spotted too.
    Talking about film and digital – my gear pangs are 1) a film SLR ( you know that) and a 2) Street Photo Camera – digital. Ricoh GRDIII has become quiet affordable at $400 and Lumix LX5 at $380. Am totally confused. I have friends in US and i could ask them to bring one for me. What do you think?

  3. Hey,
    some great pics! do you know where I can develop 120mm film (from my Holga) in Mumbai? I’ve asked around a few places but no luck!


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