First post of 2012

This is my first post of 2012.  Been busy with getting That’s Life on the map and I have to say we have been receiving quite a positive response with regards to the collective (

Anyway, as my back started to feel better (nursing a herniated disc), I got back on the streets with my x100.  Here are a few images I made before my camera developed the apparently common sticky aperture blades problem 😦 It will now have to be sent to USA for repairs…bummer.

Only in Mumbai!

An attempt at surrealism

What was life before cellphones?

Trend setter

A voyeuristic photographer friend in the background

Balancing act

Early morning at the Mahalxmi race course

I recently met a really good street photographer from Scotland.  His name is Dougie Wallace and he has a really interesting style of imagery and uses the flash in very unique ways.  Check out his work at  He apparently heard of me from the writer of the well known book ‘Street Photography Now’ who told him to look me up in Mumbai.  Not sure how the writer heard of me but was quite pleased when Dougie told me this:)

Anyway Dougie and I spent some time shooting the streets together.  With the x100 out of action I picked up the Leica and some film and headed out.  It was a fun day and it was interesting how both of us, with totally contrasting styles of shooting, went about creating our images.

I just love how film renders highlights

Tight squeeze

Dougie Wallace maneuvering peak traffic on the streets of Mumbai

With my x100 gone for a while, I am now tempted to try shooting some colour on the streets.  Not sure how that might turn out but will be heading out with my DSLR one of these days.  Will have to adapt my style and my eye to creating interesting colour images.  Looking forward to the challenge 🙂


12 thoughts on “First post of 2012

  1. Really like the long shadow of the balancing act photo, but the shot with the horse is my favorite. Love the energy and the movement it depicts, it has a complete different feel to it than your other stuff. Cheers, Klara

  2. Thank you all for your kind words!
    @ Andrew: glad the x100 is growing on you. It’s a fabulous little camera
    @ Mayank: hope you get back in action soon Mayank. Lets plan a shoot when you can

  3. Blown away with the ‘Balancing act image’ and laughed out on the Only in Mumbai one. love the look on the dogs face, in that horse image:) Been checking out ThatsLife and was really pleased to see it in Mid-Day some sundays back. hope to see many many more photographers there (including myself, someday;)).

  4. Great to finally see a new post from you, your work is really inspiring! Nice to see some film images as well. 🙂

    Sorry about your X100, mine has the same problem. I’ve sent it in for repair. Doesn’t really bother me that much though as I’m not using it much since I started shooting film.

    Thanks for recommending Dougie Wallace, very interesting work.

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