Street photography in Rajasthan and Mumbai

These images were shot on the streets of Jodhpur, Rajasthan.  Jodhpur is a city that screams to be showcased in colour.  The majority of colour photography I have done in the past has been for travel assignments but shooting the streets of Jodhpur in colour was actually a lot easier than I expected and a lot of fun.

The vibrance of the lanes and the people is unmatched

I followed this kid for quite a while to get an empty street and an interesting backdrop.  And he decided to sip his milk at the perfect moment.  Serendipity!

Fashion adverts are omnipresent 😦

These two were unrelated but the picture tells a different story

Amazing architecture and numerous cows.  The smell of dung is everywhere and yet never seemed to bother me.  Too much distraction by way of potential images.

Without her baby sisters raised hand in the hammock this would be an average shot

I relate best with the dog

The running boy in the background makes this image.  The guy lying in the foreground looks a bit concerned because I stood there quite a while waiting for someone to walk down the lane and into the light at the end.

They are so much more resilient and hardier than us.  I promised myself that if I ever have a kid I will not be a paranoid parent.

And back in Mumbai where clearly the street scenes have a grittier feel…

These timeless by-lanes still exist in the city

I love these small hair-cutting booths.  In a time warp

Immersed in their own private moment as the world rolls by

Not sure why the kid was crying but he was lucky to be in a taxi rather than squeezing into a bus

Relax, Sip, Nap

I had to shoot from inside this tiny tea stall to get the fire engines in the background.

Wish the guy on the left had not looked into the camera

Tight fit

decisive moment

I made myself believe that the guy on the phone and the guy in the poster looked alike

I love these random scenes that sometimes present themselves on the street.  The bear looks captured and visibly upset looking out into the urban jungle. Shot from my car.  ALWAYS HAVE  A CAMERA READY!

Off to Cochin this weekend.  May shoot colour film or medium format b&w film or both.  Have to say b&w is luring me back and I have been shooting with the Rolliflex loaded with TMAX/ACROS100 for the past week.


17 thoughts on “Street photography in Rajasthan and Mumbai

  1. I really look forward to these posts, beautifully composed images that are full of interest and the colors of humanity, hopefully one day I will get to visit!!! Cheers Jason

  2. Fine selection of shots, Kaushal. There is a nice balance of humour and compassion / empathy. The first image is especially strong and I smiled at “Tight Fit”.

  3. There seems to be a special feel to pictures taken in India, I’ve noticed it’s usually a more easily recognizable place in pictures than anywhere else I know (except maybe NYC) and that from many different photographers out there.
    I particularly like the one with the hand of the baby appearing, reminds me of one from Steve McCurry.

    1. Yes Jerome I agree. India has a very rustic and gritty feel to it which is unique to the South Asian countries. Images are quite recognizable especially colour images. Since most people feel that India should be shot in colour, I most often choose to shoot in b&w:)

  4. love the colors in India. So rich in colors. I’d be eating naans in one hand and milk tea on the other hand all day to enjoy my day there with (perhaps one day…). Many well-timed shots in this series. Really well-timed. Thanks for sharing..

    I tried to photograph Indian ladies and other minorities here in Hong Kong, without the right theme/background like in India, they turned out strange. Or maybe I’m not capturing them at the right view angle at the right time.

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