More street photography in colour

My struggle with colour continues.

I prefer to draw out a viewers emotions based on the content rather than the colours of my images.  I want to create powerful content driven colour images, it’s just that I am having to try a bit harder to do so.  I try to avoid being tempted into making an image solely for the sake of the colours because such images don’t move me like powerful, content-driven black and white images.  Colour images often seem more literal and immediate, and while they can be beautiful I rarely find myself getting lost in the story or the life of the subjects. Colour needs to add emotion but not dominate the image IMO. That is the challenge I am trying to overcome.

These are just my personal and current feelings which may possibly change over time.  In the meanwhile I am going to continue to try and improve my colour work and hopefully develop my own style and vision.

Right now though I am itching to shoot some tri-x again.  Missing my comfort zone…

Thought I would start of with a couple of images from Mumbai before moving on to Delhi and Cochin

Newly renovated cross-maidan

The images below were shot on my recent 3 day trip to Cochin via Delhi.  They are a mix of digital and film.

From our lovely Delhi hotel window.

The nonchalant dog under the police truck made this image work for me (trying to focus on content as much as possible)

At India Gate.  Very similar to shooting at Gateway of India but the area is a lot bigger and prettier

Little Devil

Long leg?

At Delhi airport on our way to Cochin.  It is supposed to be one of the best airports in the world today and these escalators definitely seemed faster than normal

Morning exercise at Fort Cochin

More morning exercises.  The guy in the background was a coconut seller warming up before starting his day

My favourite pastime in Fort Cochin was eating and the sea food was a staple

Other morning activities


Vasco square is the main attraction and getting uncluttered backgrounds is not easy.  This image was made when it was approaching noon so there were less people in the streets

Started my walk from Fort Cochin to Jew Town

Colour match

People love to be photographed here. Even the women in burkhas are ok with being photographed. In most other places the lady in the background behind the wall would have ducked out of frame but in this case she just sat and watched me as I waited for the elements to come together.

Some of the shops sell art including old photographs that are portraits of random people and families from several years ago…quite surreal!

I was waiting for someone interesting in an Indian outfit to appear in the reflection.  Was hoping for a man dressed similar to the mannequin but this lady worked as well and her clothes colours matched and balanced the left side of the image

The heat had kicked in and the sun was blazing

Got the kid as he was running out after which it was impossible to get a shot that looked natural.  In a minute there were six kids around me demanding a pen…

Just before the they all spotted me (the kid saw me and was running to camera) and killed the spontaneity of the shot

This was just for all the colours but i also liked the bucket on the cart against the several barrels on the truck

The walk to Jew Town from Fort Cochin is great because it is not too crowded and you can capture some isolated moments as well

Wish I had got a bit more of the lady behind the wall

Cigarette vendor at sunset.  I had to wait around a bit before he stopped being conscious of the camera and went on with his life

This tree was a favourite with kids because it is so easy to climb

More morning exercise

Lifeguard station??

Beach football

Morning walk


12 thoughts on “More street photography in colour

  1. A fascinating collection as always. I do sense your pull back to B&W but there is lots of potential here and I love the child running down the alley towards you. Colour match is very good and evidently wouldn’t work in monochrome. Keep going even if you do shoot Tri X in the meantime 🙂

  2. I just absolutely agree with your sentiments here…..I admire your drive to persevere with colour and it is paying off with these fabulous images. It would’t hurt to treat yourself to the the try-x though, you deserve it. Kind Regards, Jason

  3. I absolutely agree with your sentiments here…..I admire your drive to persevere with colour and it is paying off with these fabulous images. It would’t hurt to treat yourself to the the try-x though, you deserve it. Kind Regards, Jason

  4. Well worded, I’m often struggling with color for the same reasons, but I’ll join the others to say there’s definitely great potential for color here

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