Back to street photography with B&W film

I was unable to shoot for a while so it was nice to get the chance to sneak out for a couple of hours with the Leica and a roll of tri-x.

Was a bit rusty but it felt great to shoot b&w again.

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon and I will be able to hit the streets with regularity again.

Was drawn obviously by the religious text and the burkha clad women who are standing outside a fashion jewelry store.  Could not come up with a title for this image that tied all the elements together

“Who sees the human face correctly; the photographer, the mirror or the painter?” – Picasso

This was a strange accident.  Not sure how it happened but I liked the result.  It actually happened to several images on this roll of film??

A tough life…I guess that’s always relative

Looking past the mirror

A bit precarious I thought

I also carried the Rolliflex with me even though the shutter dial was jammed and could not be set to 1/400 (max shutter speed).  I was restricted to a max speed of 1/200 so I decided to use a roll of Fuji Acros 100 film and a roll of Tmax 400.

I just love shooting with the Rolli and wish I good get my hands on a slightly later model (the one I am using is a 1949 model).

cat nap – they managed to find some shade in the middle of the day



These guys were perplexed with my facing them and looking down into this strange box-like device.  Went back to give them a print but not surprisingly, I couldn’t find them.

The ‘wheel’ of life

Break from life

This lady brought her daughter and her tiny baby to her job every day.  The daughter and mom took turns taking care of the baby.

Once again managed to shoot this from pretty close without these men having any clue they were being photographed.  Did I mention that I love the Rollieflex!

Who seems to have it the easiest?:)

A shallow DOF produced an amazing 3D look.  And my focus-distance guesstimation was spot on.

Another interesting accident…no idea how it happened

Yet another family at work.  The doll at the girl’s feet initially drew my attention

This was shot at a shutter speed of 1/2 second! Not bad I reckon.

And am heading out of town next month so plan to stock up on tri-x!  More b&w to follow soon.


11 thoughts on “Back to street photography with B&W film

  1. I love these vignettes of daily life. The man with the walking stick is my favourite. I’ve never shot with a Rollei but it looks great fun. Nice selection as always, Kaushal.

  2. Kaushal, as you know, I’m a fan of yours. This time, with this post, you put me in a miserable situation. There is a lack of words, to express what I think about your pictures. As Andrew said, the man with the stick is brilliant. But # 3 and #5 are real art. Very inspiring.

  3. I liked your color work, but I’m even more glad you went back to BW, these are superb. I quite like the MF portraits you had, especially the one with the man in the center, has a classic look to it, like it was made decades ago. I also like the contrast on the 35mm ones, and those accidents…great work !

  4. Hey,
    great to see your BW work. i really love the shallow DOF image of the old man with the stick and Break from life. And read on Eric Kim’s blog that it was in Mumbai that he actually got inspiration to shoot film thanks to you:)) super!
    as for the accidents, are they due to images being out of focus. I dont know much about rolliflexes, but in rangefinders, you get those squares where you have to focus them such that both of them coincide. just curious. do let me know if you find out the reason.
    I recently purchased an old second hand Canonet QL17 and have just started shooting with it. it is so bloody challenging to move from digital to film. All you have is the aperture ring, the shutter ring and the focussing dial. lets see how it goes:)

    1. Hi, the accidents are due to double exposure. Not sure how I did it but the film did not advance after I took the first shot so the second shot was double exposed on the same film. The Canonet is a lovely little camera. Stick with film – you will ultimately fall in love with it. You can shoot both digital and film side by side as well – you don’t need to abandon one for the other. Good luck with film! Cheers.

  5. Kaushal, I found your review on X100 a while ago and it was really helpful for me to decide to get one for myself. Love your images, they look really raw and charming at the same time! Now I’m shooting with my X100 and building some stories with it too ( Anyway please keep it up with your great work as I always enjoy coming back to your site 🙂

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