I was mostly home-bound the last few weeks and so have not been able to get out and shoot much.  So thought I would post something personal – a kind of introduction to me through a few personal ‘non-street photography’ images.

Let me start with the cutest creatures in my life who make times like this (being stuck at home) so much easier to bear.

The golden retriever is Baggio and the Bug (a boxer pug mix) is Torres.  They were both adopted at 3 mths and 8 mths respectively.  The bug was originally bought by a family for a lot of money and then abandoned when they discovered he wasn’t a thoroughbred pug.  People can be such assholes! Anyway he is the cutest creature ever with the most incredible personality so in a strange way I am so grateful to that mean family that gave him up.

This is them today.  They are best of friends and very protective of each other.  The little guy is a brat and the big fella lets him get away with a lot but knows when to draw the line 🙂

Like I said he is adorable!

I rest my case

Baggio is truly an angel.  When I am feeling down he can sense it and comes and cuddles up to me and soaks up all my pain.  He is very special and very loving.

Yes we have a bed for Baggio as well

And this is my lovely wife, Shaneen.  She is a high-flying lawyer who is passionate about dancing and anything pre 1950’s.  And she spoils our dogs silly!

Baggio as a puppy.  Wasn’t too long before Shaneen could no longer carry him.

Shoes are her favourite things after our dogs of course

She has become immune to my constantly clicking away and has now even started to point out photo opps when she sees them.

I think images like this helped win her over 🙂

My parents are both retired.  My mom used to be a director with Air-India which provided us the opportunity to see the world.  Thanks to her job we have been on all continents with the exception of South America.  My dad suffered a bad stroke a few years ago so they have slowed down a bit.  It is so hard to see your parents grow old.  It is my turn to look out for them now after all those years they made sure that I got what I wanted and had the most fantastic childhood possible.

My dad is quite photogenic

They have been together for over 40 years and I am sure they will remain together till the end of time

A candid moment with dad

And a posed moment with mom

My in-laws are both big-hearted people and absolutely dote on their daughters.

With Shaneen (this pic is about 40 years old!)

My father in-law is over 70 years old but still runs the half marathon faster than most thirty year olds I know, and loves going on 2 week long treks in the Himalayas (much against his wife’s wishes!).  He is happiest when out with nature.

My In-laws own a farm house in Alibagh (a 45 min boat journey from Mumbai) which they have literally built themselves.  Shaneen and I try and spend at least one weekend a month there. Shaneen and Baggio by the pool in Alibagh

This retriever is Rafa (Rafael) and he belongs to my sis-in-law.  Torres and he are best buds.  This was again in Alibagh – a haven for the dogs

And finally our home in Mumbai.  Shaneen and I have been living here for over 4 years and the best thing about our apartment complex, apart from the view from our flat, is that it has a garden that is specially for dogs.

The large windows provide some awesome city views

Monsoons offer some amazing skies.  This is the view from our guest bedroom overlooking the Mumbai docks

Pre-storm sky from our apartment.  There were random newspaper pages and plastic bags floating around in the sky as high as the 22nd floor

Views of some magical electric storms

The race course is only a few minutes from us.  This is the view we wake up to each morning

Even our dogs enjoy the views which are occasionally obstructed by uninvited visitors

Dogs having a roll in their garden

That’t it for now. A tiny glimpse of me 🙂 Cheers!


11 thoughts on “‘me’

  1. What a privileged personal insight you allow us to share, Kaushal. Such a wonderful family. Treasure your parents whilst you can. Mine left too soon and I would have loved more time with them. You make me see Mumbai from a different perspective too. Andrew

  2. I really enjoyed these, I think it helps to understand the person behind the images a little more when you allow the viewer a more personal insight. Most enjoyable.

    Cheers, Jason

  3. Hello Mr Parikh I just recently found your website and I love your Street Photography, These Photographs are amazing too and I agree with mr Jason Howe It is enjoyable to see a personal side.
    Take care

  4. Kaushal I just thoroughly enjoyed going through ME
    love the black and white pixs and the lightning! Wow.
    Your parents pixs are just awesome, the lighting is perfect….and you have captured their mood …having met them I can relate better… they must be so proud of you.
    all the best and hope to see more

  5. loved this post…loved the view..the farm house..the dogs…the huge windows ..the 22nd floor height …to view the city line…the electrified city and an electric family that resides in it… and your respected father’s side look showed some similarity with the person who played Magneto in X-Men days of future past and the rest…loved every bit of this post..

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