Sale of my Ricoh GR1s

I have decided to sell my silver Ricoh GR1s as I have been using my Leica most of the time and also I wish to fund my purchase of about 100 b&w and colour films.  This is a fabulous little camera (camera of choice for Daido Moriyama and Jacob Aue Sobol if that means anything!).

The Ricoh GR1s is one of the best film point and shoot cameras that offers significantly more control than most regular point and shoots.  The 28mm f2.8 lens is super sharp.  The camera is sleek and light and can even fit in a pocket.  Its snap mode focus (in addition to regular focus and infinity lock focus modes) makes it a very popular camera for street photography.

This camera is in excellent condition (see images) and everything is working perfectly.  When not in use the camera is stored in a Dry Cabinet (Digi-Cabi) so there is absolutely no fungus or dust issues.  It comes with a wrist strap but no lens hood.

Price: US$ 400.00 inclusive of shipping (anywhere in the world).  Payment by Paypal (or DD if within India).

If interested please email me at  Please also spread the word to help me find a genuine buyer. Thanks!

The LCD is crystal clear.  The marks you see on the right are just reflections.


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