Mumbai street photography with the Ricoh GR1s

I put my Ricoh GR1s up for sale and expected it to be picked up in a flash.  These little beauties are usually much in demand.  Hoever, I was initially disappointed that I got only one enquiry which did not materialise into a sale. So I decided to shoot a roll with the camera which had been sitting in my dry cabinet for several months.  I loaded some tri-x, hit the streets and was instantly reminded of why I bought this camera in the first place.  I really enjoyed shooting with it and once I developed the roll my mind was made up.  I immediately took it off the market and now it goes with me everywhere.  I am always a believer that everything happens for a reason:)

This contrast really made me laugh


The Mumbai skyline will be very different in another 10 years from today

High rise

Have to shoot at least one cleverish image

This VIP car (light on top) looked pretty shabby

This sweet man was inching forward when I saw this little carefree boy walk past him and complete the image



There are so many gorgeous old buildings in Mumbai.  Mumbai could really be beautiful if it were cared for rather than plundered by those in charge


15 thoughts on “Mumbai street photography with the Ricoh GR1s

  1. Like you say certain things happen for a reason, I had a GR1s, despite what we say about gear vs photographer, I think somewhere the choice of camera does influence us even very slightly, I remember when I had mine, I had a different approach than with the Leica. I’m curious, was it true in your case as well ?

    I also quite liked the post about yourself 🙂

    1. Thanks Jerome. And yes I totally agree with you about the difference in approach with the GR1s and the Leica. I love my Leica but with the GR1s shooting on the street is truly uninhibited…get as close as you like, lift your hand, focus and shoot – all with one hand. Amazing!


  2. Great work Kaushal. Enjoyed seeing the different sides of Mumbai through your lens. The GR1 is a great camera and I recently bought a GR1v. I’m looking forward to capturing some street scenes hopefully half as interesting as yours.
    Greetings from London.

    1. Thanks Abtin! Yes the GR1s is a super camera and the GR1v is even better. I was unable to find one and therefore settled for the GR!s a year ago. Do send me a link to your street work with the GR1v.

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