Street photography with 15 year old Tri-x/Ilford PAN film

Once again I ran out of tri-x film but managed to get my hands on one roll of 15 year old tri-x and about 20 rolls of 10 years expired Ilford PAN 400 film.  I got the Ilford for about $1.25 per roll so decided to risk it.  Here is the result of the ancient tri-x roll and one long-expired Ilford roll.  Surprisingly pleased with the results:)

The first few images are made with the Kodak Tri-x

Not one of the crowd

Reminded me of the hand from Adam’s Family


At play

Just love how the guys in the background were hanging out with no safety harness or anything.  Surprising to see two of them even wearing helmets

Man waits his turn outside a barbe stall as a woman waits for her husband to finish.  Not sure if that is true, considering the waiting man had no hair, but that is how I saw it


Vicarious exercise

The rest are with the Ilford PAN 400

These lines leading to the foreground are actually the suns rays coming through slats of a sheltering plank above


No dress code

Precariously relaxed

Shoveling it down

The fellow on the right is mine!

Leg fest

Not sure why this guy had covered his face with some ash like substance but it got my attention

Looks like I will shoot all 20 rolls of the Ilford – the risk was worth it.

I am heading out of town for about 10 days and hope to return with with a stock of fresh film and some interesting images from a new city.


13 thoughts on “Street photography with 15 year old Tri-x/Ilford PAN film

  1. Did you do anything different during your development process? I just picked up 8 rolls of 7-10 year old expired Tri-X the other day and the guy who sold them to me suggested I slightly over dev to compensate for the age of the film

    I’m liking the third shot from the bottom of the guy in the car

  2. 🙂 Awesome Stuff. Where do you develop your rolls? at home or do you send them out? Any suggestions on any studio? Thanks 😀

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