More street photography with colour film

My struggle with colour continues but I do feel like it is slowly becoming a more natural process for me.  I have also stopped forcefully focussing on “colour” and focus more on the content while trying to shoot in good light.  Sometimes the colours add an extra dimension and sometimes they don’t.  Most importantly, I am finally having fun with colour as well 🙂

Not a single blown highlight…gotta love film!





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Was a tad nervous when clicking this up close


22 thoughts on “More street photography with colour film

  1. Your images always bring a smile to my face, many wonderful images here, “flexible” is fantastic.

    I admire your perseverence and it’s great that your enjoying it also. Your process, to me at least is correct, content and light are paramount, with that and a little luck comes the richness of colour.
    Cheers Jason

  2. Love the colour. Looks to be slide film. Would you mind telling me which film this was? Really like the first one. Hard to catch streaming light like that.

    1. Thanks Stephen. I use negative film because slide film is way too expensive to process here in India. The film used here is Fuji xtra 400 which is actually an amateur film. I like its colour palette and it is quite affordable as well:)

  3. I think the beauty here is that the colours are ‘clean’ – there seems little attempt to turn the image into something unnatural and in that sense the story does dominate. I agree that Flexible is excellent but for me the top image is far and away my favourite. The shafts of sunlight on the mother give this a quasi-religious feel. Her head is tilted to one side and she shields the child protectively. The contrast with the everyday scene of the fruit and veg vendors is wonderful. You can sell me a print of this one, Kaushal, if I can afford it 😉

  4. Good work. I like the first one the best with the mystical feel and the red shirt of the boy dragging ones attention in. Flexible made me smile. What camera etc do you use? (sorry to be a gear head!). (To paraphrase someone else “I have two hobbies. Cameras and photography” ) Keep up the good work and using film!

  5. Jason: You have some beautiful images here. You certainly glow with talent and enthusiasm. I look forward to pro showing of your work in the near future.
    Photonically yours,
    Glen Converse

  6. somehow I found this series look too vintage and aged. I’m not much of a film guy (so please don’t take it seriously). Sometimes too purplish and sometimes too saturated, giving me a sense it’s not so consistent. Other than that, it’s always nice to see colors once in a while 😉 As you said, you have fun with colors. That’s all that really matters!

    1. Agree with the issue of a purplish tint. Unable to get accurate colours when film scanning with my canon 9000f 😦 I do no post processing on these other than sharpening and auto levels so can only assume that the saturation is inherent in the film

  7. These are really good shots and like the colours you are getting. Not sure if you have ever tried the Vuescan software but this allows you to “lock” the colours & film base settings for an entire roll or batch of rolls which avoids any changes in colour balance for a set of photos. My guess is you are using a 35mm lens here?

    1. Thanks Adrian. Like your work on your blog as well as on flickr. I am using Vuescan but still trying to figure out the best settings for colour. I see you are doing better than me with it so maybe when you have conquered it you can post step-by-step instructions. I am really quite non tech savvy!

  8. Where do you buy your film in Mumbai from? Specially the Fuji Xtra 400?
    Since film for me gets too expensive in Mumbai and I’m a student so..

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