Street photography with film

Off late I felt like my heart was not into photography and I was just forcing myself to create images.  I needed some kind of pick-me-up and as if on cue I got a message from Wilfredo.

Wilfredo is a friend I made thanks to visiting his fabulous blog at  There are some inspirational pieces and videos on his blog that really affected me and made me see some direction for my work.  The work of photographers like Ume Kayo came across as so unpretentious.  Snapshots of scenes from everyday life instilled with humour but without gimicky compositions etc. The most honest and refreshing photography I had seen in a while.  At first her work seemed so average but as I looked at it more it grew on me – it has an infectious quality that kept drawing me back.  That quality I think is ‘simple honesty’.

Anyway I was in touch with Wilfredo and thanked him for inspiring me through his blog.  We both share a passion for shooting with film and I suppose he must have read somewhere that it is hard to get film in India.  That’s when he messaged me saying that he was sending me a couple of films.  I was really touched by his gesture.  But when I got the package in the mail today I was totally overwhelmed.  Here is what he sent me from half way across the world:

Wilfredo’s letter

A lovely signed image made by Wilfredo

WOW!! includes an ISO 3200 film.

Some more interesting film including a b&w slide film!

An x-ray safe box – holds four films.  Love it!

Sometimes all one needs for inspiration is a restored faith in ‘the good’.  Wilfredo restored that faith within me and I have a renewed passion to hit the streets.  And I hope I can stay honest to myself when shooting.  Thanks again Wilfredo for your kindest gesture.  And I look forward to more inspiring posts on your blog.

Anyway here are a few images I shot some time ago.  Since I had not shot in a while these are just some older images that I had chosen not to include in my earlier posts.  Will post freshly made images soon.

Home by the sea

Rooftop dryer

Growing years


Midday nap

Infinite Opportunities

Not sure what the guy on the left is doing to the guy in his lap??


Public Call Office


14 thoughts on “Street photography with film

  1. What a great story, Kaushal. There are so many good people out there – we just have to find them. I have found several through the Nature Photographers group on FB and they do lift me up when I ‘talk’ to them. “Home By The Sea” is a very poignant image and one I like immensely. “Public Call Office “is also extremely fine. Go find those diamond moments and I’ll go find Wilfredo’s blog.

  2. Glad to hear you’ve got your inspiration back, I hope you get a lot of fun with all those rolls of film! I visited Photo Studious, and it seems like a wonderful source of inspiration. I’ll dive into it later when I have more time.
    Your picture, “Home by the sea”, is so amazing! I can’t even begin to try and explain how much I love it!
    Keep up the great work mate!


    1. Thanks Simon. Hope you enjoy going through the interesting articles/videos at Photo studios. And I think it’s amazing that you have your darkroom going and look forward to seeing some cool prints. Maybe once you master the technique of printing we can hope for a good article on it from you. Cheers!

  3. oh my, that first picture is just astonishing! Also good to hear that i’m not the only one experiencing the occasional frustration with street photography! keep up your amazing work, always an inspiration!

  4. Some fantastic construction there Kaushal, especially the family by the sea. Taking time off often yields interesting things after, creatively speaking 🙂

    1. Thanks Jerome! I agree that taking time off is often a good idea…recharging your batteries and coming back with a fresh vision. The last few rolls of colour film i just got back from the lab show a very different and hopefully interesting style of images 🙂

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