More B&W street photography with expired film

The above image was shot with non-expired tri-x.  The rest were shot with Illford PAN 400 expired in 2000.


29 thoughts on “More B&W street photography with expired film

  1. Recently I shot 10 rolls of expired Kodak BW400CN films and the results were just fine. I am happy with expired film cause they are cheap and still produce acceptable pictures.

    Keep it up Kaushal!

  2. The tone of the scene really blends with the texture you get from those expired films, very beautiful I have to say. Love the one with the kids in the playground, and the 2nd one, jumping man. Excellent mate!

  3. I’ve learnt to return to your images several times as I will invariably notice something I didn’t see before. Fabulous images, rich in humor, mood and emotion. All the more special because they are shot on film. I only wish I had a chance to walk those streets with you. All the best, Jason

    1. Thanks Jason! You must plan a trip to Mumbai. It would be a pleasure to take you around on some interesting shoots in the city. In fact you should plan a long enough trip and travel around India – fascinating stuff especially for photography/street photography.

  4. The boy pulling the wheelie on the bike is great. So is the shot of the kids on the swings with the boy in the foreground.

    BTW, I’ve just decided to go the the Kumbh Mela 2013 in Allahabad. I know it’s a long way from Mumbai but it’d be great to meet up if you are going.

  5. Hello,
    Enjoyed your photos!
    May I know where did you get your films from?
    Do you know any online Indian sellers/ sites selling film rolls, expired and fresh ones?
    Thank you.

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