Street photography in colour with a theme

We recently visited Goa and Cochin and I decided to completely change it up.  I shot in colour, with a film SLR, aperture priority mode, auto focus and a 50mm lens.  The auto functions were quite liberating and the 50mm lens resulted in a different look.  Overall I really enjoyed myself.

In both cities we stayed in hotels which were quite remote and so there was not much action in the streets.  Even the beach near us in Goa was quite deserted.  It was very different from what I was used to in most Indian cities.  So I decided to have some fun and try and make images with a bit of humour. I started with a few random images and as I warmed up I decided to pursue a theme to make it more interesting.

I start here with three random images before the theme begins.

The following are the images from my theme that basically consists of images where a human element can only be partially seen.  I have not been able to think of a good title so any suggestions are welcome.  It was a fun theme and I may even continue to build on it.  In fact the last two images in this series were shot in Mumbai (shot with a wider lens) where I hope to develop the project further.


27 thoughts on “Street photography in colour with a theme

  1. very nice work Kaushal. On the last shot, I’m getting tempted in imagining a closer frame when they cross each other but we know can’t get all the frames together 🙂

  2. wonderful pictures kaushal, as usual! what a cool idea for a theme, those shots fit so well together… hope you’re going to continue this series, would love to see more of it! i’m also currently trying to come up with ideas for arranging my existing pictures into small projects, but so far i haven’t gotten anywhere

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