Street photography

Have been struggling to keep my film stock replenished.  Kodak Tri-x prices have gone insane in Mumbai selling for Rs. 500 (US$ 9-10) per roll.  Not much else to choose from so even relegated to shooting ISO 100 Fuji Neopan SS film which needs to be developed in concentrated xtol and agitated more than normal to drag some contrast from it.  I still have some film that was sent to me by my friend Wilfredo ( but I am saving that till I make a fresh batch of D76 developer.

Anyway I am actually thinking of working on a project with Medium Format film in the coming months.  Less “decisive moments” and more large scale.  Working on some ideas but suggestions are more than welcome.

Here is some more 35mm shot on a variety of films.

The next 4 were taken around bhendi bazaar on a fun outing with Shaleen, Mallika and Rahul “Amul” da Cunha

The rest were shot in Goa


19 thoughts on “Street photography

    1. Thanks Andrew! My only fear is customs duty in India on film is pretty high and makes the cost of film prohibitive even if shipped from abroad:( Best to wait till someone I know is coming to India and have them carry some film in their hand luggage. Maybe on your next trip to Mumbai:)

  1. Have you considered bulk loading your own film? If you can get film in 100 ft rolls and load your own canisters with a bulk loader, that can bring down the costs a good deal. I don’t know what the availability of that in Mumbai is, but it would be worth checking into.

    1. I have looked into it but apparently the cost difference is not so much these days. And to order bulf film from the US and have it shipped also adds shipping costs and potential customs duty which eliminates any cost advantage:(

  2. Hey Kaushal

    You can probably buy a lot of cheap film online, not ebay, I’m talking about real stores that ship worldwide. Obviously the only problem would be import fees into India, if there are any, which would seriously sour the deal but I’ve saved tons of cash buying cheap rebranded TriX online. Anyway, thought you might consider it

    1. Ordering from freebiz would really solve all my problems. Even with shipping costs it is still cheaper than buying locally. But the customs duty is too high and makes the option unviable:(

  3. Dear Kaushal,

    they are all good, not to say very good. Exceptional framing and incredible tight timing. But the last ones from Goa are outstanding. Here comes your ability to feel the right picture, to translate this feeling into composition and proper subject balance, here it comes to something real rare in photography: Art. It’s a big word, I know. But I can’t help myself… We’ll see, what I’m going to write next time. Lack of big words now 😉

    All the best – KUM

  4. I like this set. Full of comparisons from the same frame. I guess that’s the true cruel meaning of life, it’s full of yes and no. Either this or that.

    Were these shots taken in a month? I feel like I’m shooting enough or time donated into the actual shooting although I have convinced that I’m picky and not a necessarily bad thing. As long as shots are meaningful to me and somehow appealing. 🙂

    Go more digital then. Have you sold your x100 yet? I’d done shooting with a little more than a month straight with it as a personal project. It’s like forcing myself to cook anything in a rice cooker. I think it might help one day if you decided to go digital. I’m new to photography so I can’t say much about film…passion and devotion to photography in my interpretation doesn’t translate into film.

    Keep it coming!

    1. Thanks Alan, these shots were from a couple of film I shot over a period of 4 shooting days. I agree with you about being picky…you have to be ruthless and honest when editing. I actually used to shoot digital but moved away from it slowly and today do not use any digital for my personal work. I do not like the process of shooting or the results I get from digital. Having said that I am not totally closed to the idea of digital either. I still have my lovely x100 and was never planning to sell it. I did however sell my Ricoh GR1s:)

  5. A most enjoyable series of images, as ever a pleasure to view time and again!! I love film as you know so I can only imagine how frustrating you must be finding that……..its almost enough to make you consider digital! 😉 Cheers Jason

  6. Thanks Jason! It is frustrating when film is so hard to come by but it also makes me treasure each roll I shoot. A roll sometimes takes 3 days to finish and I seem to get a few more keepers from each one:)

  7. Excellent work as usual Kaushal. I don’t understand anything about film photography but I can sense what I’m missing by looking at your images. Hope you find a solution soon.I really like the first bhindi bazar shot and the pepsi logo wala shot…

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