Street Photography

Popular blogger and photographer, Yannick (you probably know him better as Yanidel) was in Mumbai a few months ago and I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with him for a couple of days in the city.  These images are what resulted from two fun days of street photography with Yanidel.  All the b&w images (except maybe two or three) were shot on 10 years expired film.

The great divide

Mega massage

Yani in action


A (grabbing) habit with Indian men

What’s with the sock??

Sparkling water

And hera are a few colour images

Yani trying to get the child with his reflection running through a puddle.  He was at it for a while – hope he managed a good image


21 thoughts on “Street Photography

  1. thanks for the narration on the mega massage. I was thinking somebody deceased in the neighborhood. Yannick is a big guy. The Leica looks just a compact camera for him. Nice to see Yannick in action. Would like to see you in action from thru his lens ;P

  2. I have been following Yannick’s blog for a while and his world tour as well:) Great to know that you shot with him. Film just keeps fascinating me by the day. The photographs shot on 10 years’ expired film, have still come out lovely, specially the grain factor. Just the other day, i was talking to a friend who is a professional agency photog, who told me he waits for the time when he will shoot film. He prefers that over shooting with FF DSLRs.
    I quite like the image titled Snooze. it seems as if the sleeping person’s lower half of the body is standing in the distance. The use of the color red in the last image is also quite cool.
    Thanks for sharing:)

      1. Shot two rolls over the last couple of months. Mostly safe stuff as i was not very confident how it would eventually turn out, as i was shooting with an old rangefinder for the first time. Should get the scans by the end of the coming week:) When i first saw the developed roll of film, i just fell in love with photography all over again:) All thanks to you and Eric for putting up inspiring images and write-ups on film photography.
        Awaiting your next post:)

        1. Nimish, it’s great to hear that we have another film photographer among us:) would love to see your film work whenever you are happy to share. Eric is coming to Mumbai for another workshop end Feb/beginning March 2013 in case you are interested. Cheers


  3. Its always good to shoot with someone else every now and again, even better if its someone who’s work you appreciate and that your familiar with. Two very talented togs shot together here…..!! Awesome images as always. 5th Image in particular really appeals to me.

    Late getting to this post as I found myself in the unusual position of being busy….:-) All the best, Jason.

  4. Hi Kaushal,

    Sorry for my late stop. I’m so glad you met finally 😉 I’m sure it was great encounter as I imagined before. Your’s and Yannick’s photos are full with street soul as usual. Cheers!


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