Street photography in colour


Posting after a while!  Been going through some mixed feelings about just putting everything I shoot out there.  I feel that just posting all my work all the time sort of kills the element of surprise when I finally choose to showcase all my best work together – maybe at an exhibition or in a book.  So I finally decided that I will choose my absolute favourite images from my weekly shoots and not post them with the rest of the images.  The ones I post will still be those I like but did not choose for my portfolio.  Over time as my portfolio evolves there will be images that I had included which I may not want to include or may be unsure of and I will post them on my blog and hope for some feedback to help my decision.  I will also post a lot of colour images as my experiences with colour still continue.

Hopefully in about nine months to a year I will have a body of work with a lot of images that have been seen but also a lot of new images which will entice people to go for my exhibiton (if i ever have one) or buy my book (if i ever get one published).

Here are some images I shot on a $20 point and shoot film camera (Nikon’s first auto focus point and shoot) and cheap colour film.

Cheap camera+cheap film = liberating shooting experience!










17 thoughts on “Street photography in colour

  1. impressive for 2nd tier pictures. I really like the silhouettes and three kids.

    As for not putting everything out there, I’ve adopted the same policy. It’s good not to have redundancy and to have something to point people to FIRST of all.

  2. Hello Kaushal!!

    You are doing great with your colors!! though i think i have learn from you seeing your black and white stuff more..:) Still if you allow me to pic my fav pictures from here will pick 3, 10, 11, 12 . Last one reminds me of my shot in Varanasi..where also a”little”girl was rushing towards me while i was photographing her..:) hope you remember that

    1. Thanks Swarat. Enjoying shooting colour with a all-auto camera. No thought required as far as camera goes. Just frame and shoot…loving the experience more than I thought i would. Your Varanasi work was very strong. Hope your portfolio is coming together well.

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