Street photography on the streets of Mumbai

A few months ago I purchased about 25 rolls of expired film (expired between 2000 and 2002) and enjoyed shooting with them.  But now I am tired of the unpredictability from roll to roll and even from frame to frame within a roll.  I just got my hands on a fresh stock of tri-x and so this is going to be the last roll i shoot of the expired film.  Some of these images have intense grain while others are not so bad…all from the same roll of film!

























15 thoughts on “Street photography on the streets of Mumbai

  1. I love the work. I’m a firm believer that it is not about the film, it is not about the sensor, it is not about the camera… it’s about the final image.
    Nice job.

      1. Yep, there is no denying that does not hurt to have the best tools (you can afford) at your disposal. Hopefully one day I might own a Leica too!

  2. I hear what you guys say about ‘the image’ but 3,4 & 5 would have been so much nicer on fresh film!! I really like the boy disappearing up the steps but my favourite is the unisex fitness centre. it looks as if the cockerel is pecking the sari! Can’t wait to see the output with the new Tri-X.

    1. Agree about images better with less grain. Shooting with fresh film is a relief and I already got some nice images from the first roll. Really enjoying Antartica through your lens. Seems like a trip of a lifetime!

  3. i like that photo with the lady looking out the window and a kid walking up the stairs with a diaper;) Very grainy on this set. Looking forward for your next set with the non-expired film.

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