Mumbai street photography in colour

I am finally going public! My exhibition “BOMBAY BYLINES” goes live tomorrow and I am showcasing my B&W mumbai street images. It is at the Blue Frog in Mumbai so do visit if you can.


We also had a hectic week of workshops (conducted by Eric Kim) during which I decided to shoot only colour.

The images here were shot during the workshop week.

I used a tiny old film camera to shoot these but unfortunately I think the focus is off a bit.  Will need to adjust it myself as I do not know any old camera repair guys in Mumbai anymore.




























Tight squeeze! Eric Kim on the precarious streets of Mumbai




18 thoughts on “Mumbai street photography in colour

  1. Congratulations Kaushal! I have been following your photography through your website for some time now and really love a lot of your images. Will try to come down for the exhibition. Would also be great to meet you in person. Are you going to present during exhibition hours?

    Warm Regards, Saket Selot

  2. Congratulations on the exhibition:) Will try and catch it for sure.
    Ill just go picture by picture as otherwise ill mix up:)

    3rd and 5th pic – I found these photographs to be similar in style to a BW picture of yours made at Marine Drive promenade where you can see only the feet of one person and the upper half of another person. I have tried this technique but so far i have only managed to get this effect after cropping in the post. But i guess i just need to crop while on the streets while im making the frame:)

    6th pic – although the main subject is part of the crowd, he just seems aloof. Also like the repitition in his and his son’s topi

    7th pic – this one’s been really well spotted with the placement of the hands at the angle mimicking slant on the barricade

    10th pic – lovely. almost seems like the fellow is carrying the person in the middle

    15th pic – another lovely moment. just love the progression in their stances and the way they are holding the cellphone.

    16th pic – wonderfully captured and i like the solid and the almost graphic shape of the dog’s pose with the tail arcing the store behind

    26th and 28th – these just show your prowess as a Street Photographer! superb anticipation of the moment when the elements would just fix in your frame. I particularly love the 28th pic, i think it is my favourite – so many layers and specially the frame formed by the two people in the middle-ground and the gate in the background housing the two people facing each other. Superb stuff this!

    Great to see Eric Kim. i really wanted to participate in the workshop this year, but work commitments just kept me in office on both the weekends that the course was on. No issues, im sure Eric will come back next year as well and in the meantime i would have shot more film:)

    As for getting camera repaired. I have tried K Prabhakar at Fort, but I don’t know how good he is with film cameras. Last time i had a stuck shutter issue on one of my friend’s Canon EOS 500N, he was charged 1500 bucks, which i don’t know if it is a right price to pay. Fully manual mechanical cameras you can still try and get the instruments and google online for solutions, but with digitised film cameras, i dont really think there are much options unless you have a mini lab at your place:)

    PS: I had gone to recently and it told me that the site is down. Has it been moved to a new place?

    1. Thanks Nimish! Always look forward to your critique. That’s Life is temporarily down and hopefully should be live again in a couple of weeks or so. And thanks for the tip regarding camera repair. Will check out your man and a few others at fort. Hope to see you at the exhib. Cheers!

  3. Well done, Kaushal. Exhibiting at last. I hope it is as big a success as it deserves. Eric K is in HK this weekend but I’m in Macau. A nice selection of workshop images and I thought the focus was for artistic effect! Let us know how it goes.

  4. Congrats on your exhibition! I’m sure it will be a success. People will be delighted. Being far away in Germany means to stick on you pictures here at your blog. Every time you come out here with something new I’m exited. May be I have written this before but it bears repeating: The surrealistic touch of your pictures is remarkable.

  5. Alright! almost a roll of film on this post. Many cool composition i enjoy ex. second last photo. A fun set of photo as a series of its own especially in ‘color’!
    Congrats on the exhibition, a little step to a dream come true 🙂

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