Mumbai streets in b&w

I had a good time in the months of Mar/Apr with 2 exhibitions (Mumbai and Delhi), sale of prints, and a talk on street photography to about 40 lawyers.  Since my son was born 5 months ago my photography (business) has done well and since I have been busy I have been spending less time actually shooting in the streets which is really not a good outcome.  Happens to most people I guess – more business = less photography.  I decided that come what may I needed to go out shoot and stay attuned with the streets.  These are some b&w images.  I felt a bit strained shooting the streets and think I need to work on some kind of project.  I am in the process of deciding upon an interesting one to inspire me to hit the streets again.



































22 thoughts on “Mumbai streets in b&w

  1. Congratulations Kaushal – on everything but especially your son! Looking at these I don’t see any loss of photographic spark. Get shooting!

  2. i wonder if the lady from first and third photo happen to be the same one or are they just related 😛 Very neat content. Very good to hear you are making a living out of your passion, photography. Can’t imagine what it’s like to be making money with it and also fighting for time of your own making of photography. Must be bitter sweet kind of feeling.

    1. It is great to make some money of street photography. Things will slow down though I am sure, so I will be hitting the streets soon, when I can get myself to leave my son for a few hours!

  3. Love these. I especially like the beach photos. They remind me of Brian Harvey’s recent work in Rio.

    Love the taxi driver shot too.

  4. Loved the new series kaushal. I can recognize the places from the shots. I really like the first 5 in the series.. worli village i guess. The best one the masked men shaking hands…
    Do keep posting though i know your hands will be full at home ! how are the doggies taking to new member in family?

  5. Photographs remind me my old days of Bombay……now everyone effort camera and street photography is getting very popular and hope you give big contribution in Indian street photography.

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