Mumbai Street Photography

These are a few images from the last roll of film I shot recently.  Have since abandoned film in spite of the fact that I love everything about it – the colours, the tones, the shooting process, having to wait to see your images etc.  Unfortunately I just got tired of the smudginess of my images, even the ones I shot at f8.  It could be me but I think it is more likely that the developing labs are using old, expired chemicals to develop the films.  Due to the low volume of film in circulation in Mumbai the labs stretch their chemicals over several months to avoid wastage and I believe this results in less than optimal negatives.  Anyway whatever the reason, I have gone digital again and am actually quite enjoying it.  I am maintaining my film training and shoot an equivalent of about a roll an hour which is pretty selective in the digital world.  I cant really match the colour tones of film but I find myself catching a lot more ‘moments’ on the street.

I am still keeping a couple of film cameras and a load of film for whenever I want to head out with some good old fuji or tri-x.

















9 thoughts on “Mumbai Street Photography

  1. Great shots as usual but the colours and sharpness to look a little off so you might be right about the labs.

    I feel quite lucky living in Japan knowing that we are living in a ‘film bubble’. Film is still affordable, developing costs are low and good quality. Still every now and then I wonder if it’s all worth it when I could so easily switch back to digital…

  2. Hi,
    Glad to see your film posts again:) Yes, it is indeed sad that there are very few labs which don’t use recycled chemicals. I was speaking to a friend from Delhi the other day who also loves film, but can’t pursue it because of lack of quality labs.
    Love the cat and the butcher photograph:)) The hand coming out of those potato sacks is quite interesting too. I like how you find such simple, minimal situations and then raise the bar with your compositions:)
    Looking forward to your newer digital work:)
    Take care,

  3. I am film photographer too who loves street photography. We should interact. Shoot more film together. Projects and stuff. What do you suggest?

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