Mumbai Street Photography – Sleeping Market

I have been shooting quite a bit over the last few months and I have seen many parts of Mumbai city for the first time.  It has been an exciting time photographically, and  as I build up my collection of images I also continue to deliberate the benefits of not showing all my work online.  I have decided to work on creating a private collection of powerful images and then unleash them all at once – maybe in the form of a book or exhibition or both or I maybe I will just come up with some new creative way of showcasing my work.  But in the meantime I will continue to shoot for my blog as well.

So on my way to shoot the Ganapati immersion (mid-size idols) at Dadar beach last week I spent a little under an hour in this small vegetable/meat market.  It was in the afternoon which of course is siesta time.  Fortunately some of the sleeping people made for interesting subjects.






























And finally time to get back to work!


12 thoughts on “Mumbai Street Photography – Sleeping Market

  1. There’s a reason you can do photography for a living and some are just not qualified, including myself :P. The compositions are hardly I could imagine if I was really there. The use of depth of field here is something i’d not seen from your previous normal collection. Your digital stuff gives us another look of the Indian life, the colors presented really well. And I see you are enjoying the digital/color workflow. Makes me wish to see more. 🙂

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