Mumbai Street Photography – Dussehra festival celebrations

Recently I have noticed that I often take my best images in the last 15 minutes of a two or three hour street walk.  This is generally when I am either walking back to my car or to the station to catch the train home.  I figure this is because once I decide I am done for the day and start walking back the pressure is off and I am not thinking too hard.  But strangely the opposite theory works as well.  When I decide to push on for that extra half hour or so is also when I come upon some great moments.  Like recently after shooting at Chor Bazaar (thief’s market) I decided against taking a taxi and decided to walk home so I could give it one last effort.  Yet again I managed a couple of good images and then was gifted with a bonus.  I walked into this massive crowd celebration that made for a great experience – I was allowed to climb onto a float for a bit and I also danced briefly.  Unfortunately there was no one with me to take my pic but fortunately, in the hour or so that I spent here, I managed a few images of the celebrations.  If I had taken a taxi I would have reached before the crowd got to the street that is on my way home and I would have missed it all together.


























7 thoughts on “Mumbai Street Photography – Dussehra festival celebrations

  1. Extraordinary set again! I do share your experience with the best pictures taken on the way home. I had that very often too. That’s why I decided do be always on my way home 😉
    P.S.: May I ask you only once a technical question? Did you capture this and your last set with your new RX100?

  2. Good pictures no doubt. But a little more isolation of subject would have lifted them up considerably IMHO. Too many details to make aesthetic appeal as a whole.

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