Mumbai b/w street photography on film

I have been shooting digital for the last six months and while I have been building a decent new portfolio I also realised that I was missing the pleasure of shooting film.  So I grabbed a roll of tri-x and hit the streets.

One thing that digital did teach me was to shoot a bit more to get the image I wanted.  Earlier, with film, I would take one or two shots of a scene at most but this time when I looked at my negs I saw that on many occasions I shot five or six images of a particular scene.  I still don’t machine-gun fire when shooting digital but I have learned shooting a bit more (not thoughtlessly though) when a potential scene emerges increases your chances of capturing the moment.  So with film, while earlier I would just wait till I thought the moment was right and then take the shot (or two),  now I found myself working the scene a bit more and shooting a bit more as well.

These images, while not portfolio worthy, reminded me how much I love b&w film tones.  And I have worked out a new system to develop my film in the space available to me at home and so hopefully film is back as far as I am concerned!

Over the last few months I was toying with the idea of selling most of my film gear including my Leica but somehow it never happened and thank god for that.

Using my medium format film is next – just need a medium format camera of my own now:)






Man relieved. Woman indifferent












Grass head



15 thoughts on “Mumbai b/w street photography on film

  1. You do seem more comfortable with film, Kaushal. Some excellent shots here. I also toyed with selling most of my Leica gear but never did so. I am still hoping to afford the new Sony with an M convertor at some point. I haven’t really done much street in a while but I tend not to use the machine gun approach. Maybe 2 frames then move on. Here your 6th shot is my favourite. Grass head is amusing. I hope you get your MF body soon!

  2. If you want to try medium format film photography, you should consider Pentax 645N/Nii. It is as flexible as a SLR and works like a charm.

      1. Those are great cameras. But you may want to play with affordable medium format cameras such as Pentax 645 or Mamiya 645E before spending big bucks. Just a suggestion.

      2. Hm.. wondering what is yourmotivation to take up Medium Format film for street photography. Do you see any advantages?

  3. Hello and great street photography! One question – could you suggest a shop in Mumbai that sells 120-format film? i’m heading that way and debating whether or not to bring an old folding camera along…

    Many thanks!

  4. Good pictures! A suggestion. You should perhaps add a line or a small paragraph to each picture describing what excited you about the scene and what aesthetic goals you had set for yourself for this shootout.

  5. grt shots sir spcly 6th and 7th one …keep us inspired :)… sir one qus. i want to ask that i have been using canon dslr so for street photography which mode is more useful and effective Av (aperture priority) or manual mode. i often use manual coz u have a control over shutter speed bt sme times i have lost gud chances to capture the decisive moments due to sudden under or over exposure envt. on streets ,,..plz guide me ..thanks 🙂

    1. rahul, i have come to believe that while manual mode offers you the most control, for street photography it is better to use AV or P since it is more important to capture the moment. from what you say it seems that you are missing potential images because manual mode is slowing you down and therefore manual mode is not ideal for you. Try AV and see if you manage to capture more moments. Ultimately it is what works best for you.

  6. Very nice subjects and great composition but focus seems to be soft, sharpness is lacking and contrast is low. Pretty surprising for a Leica – TriX combination. Or is this a new style that you are intentionally developing?

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