Singapore street photography

I recently spent 4 days in Singapore of which I was single-handedly looking after my one year old son for 3 days.  Needless to say it was quite exhausting.  Photography was difficult but I managed to capture a few images .  I walked around for hours in the streets or in malls or anywhere that presented a change of scenery for my son while providing me with the chance of making some photographs.  For the most part I had to wait for images to come to me and unfold in my shooting range.  If I saw a potential image coming together at a bit of a distance or across the street then there was no way for me to hurry towards it – and as you can imagine there were plenty of such instances.  In retrospect it was a productive challenge and one that really pushed me.  And I did manage to use my son as a prop in what turned out to be one of my favourite images.


I even managed to make a couple of images just walking around in our hotel…








My son looks so bored like he wishes these women would just leave him alone.  Bet that will change too soon!




















11 thoughts on “Singapore street photography

  1. Mostly ordinary pictures, but I liked the 6th one, i.e. the one that shows two different set of peoples using their cellphones. Normally, cellphone pictures are rather predictably dull as the subject has a fixed expression on his/her face while looking at the cell phone. Your picture juxtaposes two such images in one and makes it interesting. Thanks.

  2. It seemed a little rush, but hey, you were in Singapore, that’s all it matters!
    The garden by the bay has to be the must visit destination over there i bet.

  3. My favourite is the second one – its the sort of thing I would expect to see in a magazine. I am surprised Singapore allows posters like the one against which your son is sitting. I like to Singapore to visit – spent 3 or 4 months there once but would not wish to live there. Glad you, managed to squeeze in some fun with all the hard work, Kaushal.

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