Mumbai street photography

I keep telling myself that I should do some project or theme based photography but every time I hit the streets my eyes and mind just wander and I am drawn to capture random moments that happen all around me.  I guess I am just a classic street photographer at heart.  But I still have a fridge full of medium format film which I will use for a project one day – hopefully soon.































17 thoughts on “Mumbai street photography

  1. I’m not sure whether you have grown to love colour yet, Kaushal but this portfolio is superb. One of the best I’ve seen from you. Projects are undoubtedly great but if this is what you get just wandering then stick with it. I love the cat jumping from the window! My favourites? The 3 men looking into the distance (photo 2) and the blurred face with the man standing in the surf. Terrific.

  2. Karushal just discovered your work, stunning , I love the structure in your pieces. I am doing 4 year visual arts course and have just started photography, trying to find my way round new camera and all that goes with it !! Any tips ??

    1. Thanks Brigid! Tough for me to just throw some tips your way but if you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to email me and I will be glad to help. Good luck with the course…Cheers!

  3. Hi Kaushal, I am an amateur photographer and even before I got to know the world of photography, I sincerely have fallen for random clicks on streets. Your work is really superb. I was wondering if I can mail you across few of my clicks to have your feedback on the same. Your feedback will really help me in improving my skills. I will wait for your response. Thanks You!

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