Mumbai street photography in colour (film)

I am thoroughly enjoying shooting in the streets again – although not as often as I should.  I manage to go out and shoot on average once or twice a week.  When I started out I preferred to shoot alone to avoid any distractions.  But now I much prefer to shoot with a companion.  Unfortunately I don’t have a regular shooting buddy in Mumbai.  Once I do find one I will most certainly up the frequency with which I shoot.  In the meantime I enjoy shooting with my students during my workshops. And I also occasionally accompany Maciej during his workshops in Mumbai.  I am off to give a talk on photography for the Adani group in Ahmedabad which I am excited about but unfortunately I will get no time to shoot while there.  But then I am off to Hyderabad for a workshop I am conducting along with That’s Life member Swarat Ghosh.  Will get a lot of shooting done on that trip so am really looking forward to it.

Here are some recent images I made with colour film.





































18 thoughts on “Mumbai street photography in colour (film)

  1. Film is definitely growing in popularity again and looking at these I can see why. The colours are fantastic but mostly of course your vision makes them special. I wish we could see more of your work, Kaushal. Will we see lots of election fever photos coming up?

  2. Lots of daily lives i see on this series. We must give you credits for being invisible, or at least not many of them react to you. Good to see an update from you. A good day of shooting is already plenty for many as long as there’re interesting scenes. Take care.

  3. Your posts are dangerous. You’ve got me thinking about yet another trip to India. It’s been a long time since I was in Mumbai.

    I like all of these. The colours are consistent and there’s plenty to keep you looking.

  4. Hey Kaushal, I like the idea of Mumbai street photography, but it appears to me that you are chasing easy picks in the Mumbai slums. Mumbai is the glamour city of India and but we see in your pictures only hapless slum dwellers or low middle class. You may want to try something interesting in the upscale neighborhoods instead of slums. Some food for thought. 😉 And oh please congratulate Maciej for winning the street photography award. But some of his pictures targeted “street performers” of Mumbai, i.e people exercising in the beach and parks. Would like to see Maciej do some hard core stuff in Mumbai. Maybe a great idea for the next joint workshop in Mumbai. 🙂 Congratulations to you as well for making it into the top 50.

  5. amazing mumbai. i was astonished to see the variety there . ur pics are super and great learning for me
    cheers , it was great to be with you for a while in mumbai.. and really appreciate some honest answers to my stupid questions

  6. Super blog PK. I know there are plenty of shots to be taken in Mumbai poorer areas, but it is not necessarily easy to get good street, ie with a “twist”. PS magnificent cat 😉

  7. Eagerly await your Mumbai street photography posts as I am sure there is some learning guaranteed. But before I go on any further, I just want to say this:

    I absolutely LOVE image no. 9 for the repitition of the V shape throughout. It is like multiple pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that have just fallen into place for that one precise moment, and you have nailed it! The fact that you made this image while shooting film makes it all the more fascinating!

    Image no 10 just shows the mind-boggling dynamic range of film! So much shadow detail, can never get such from the digital sensors.

    I like how you use animals in your frames, not as mere pets, but like they are part of the narrative.

    It is a pity you won’t get to shoot in Ahmedabad. The Pols there are a street photographer’s paradise. Unless you decide to take your students there for a practical session:)

    Old Hyderabad, Charminaar, the pearl market, god I wish I knew about street photography when I was posted there for the limited time that I was.

    Best luck with Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. Looking forward to those albums.

    1. Thanks Nimish! Actually I did manage to shoot in the Pols and loved it. Truly a photographers paradise. Unfortunately I could only shoot there when the light was terrible (10-noon). Definitely plan on making a trip back there soon. My Ahmedabad talk was a success 🙂 Looking forward to Hyserabad now!

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