Hyderabad street photography in b/w – Part 1

I spent six days shooting on the streets of Hyderabad and came away with mixed feelings about the experience.  On the plus side Hyderabad offers some really interesting places for street photography.  Narrow lanes with colourful old houses which have a dusty, gritty feel to them.  On the negative side the light played truant even in the later parts of the evening.  But the hazy weather wasn’t my main concern.  The toughest obstacle I faced was the people.  They came out of the woodwork at every corner and demanded to know why I was photographing and what I planned to do with the images.  This made it very hard for me to get into any kind of rhythm on the streets.  I also found that the majority of my images were of kids.  They seemed to be everywhere and they either had a million questions or wanted to pose for the camera.  Candid moments required patience and split second timing!  In spite of the obstacles the places were interesting enough that, in the few uninterrupted moments, I was able to capture some decent images.

The best part of each day in Hyderabad was in the late evening when Swarat, Vinod (both fellow That’s Life members) and Seshagiri would accompany me to the Blue Fox where we would proceed to immerse ourselves in long conversations about photography fueled by a few bottles of chilled beer.  I even enjoyed a scrumptious home cooked meal at Swarat’s place.  Maybe I came back with no ‘great’ images but I was lucky enough to have made some amazing friends who also happen to be amazing photographers.

This trip to Hyderabad was for an introductory street photography workshop that I conducted along with Swarat.  It was indeed a lot of fun and we met some really cool people.  During the workshop, and the rest of my stay in Hyderabad, I shot film and digital.  So I have decided to break my posts into 4 small parts keeping b/w and colour as well as film and digital separate.  I will post as I develop/process my images.

I have also figured out why most of my film scans are not as sharp as the negatives show.  It is because the films get a bit curled after development and this means that they do not lay flat on the scanning surface.  This results in slightly out of focus scans.  But I don’t see the need to splurge on a dedicated film scanner so I am just going to have to live with this for now while I try to figure out an economical way around the issue.

Anyway here is part 1 .




















.   Scan-140501-0016




28 thoughts on “Hyderabad street photography in b/w – Part 1

  1. Some fascinating shots, Kaushal. The first and fifth really struck me. The eighth has multiple layers and the last is very good. I like the tones a lot.

  2. Lovely images Kaushal. I enjoyed 1, 7 & 8 a lot. It’s a delight shooting in Hyderabad too, but been a while since I’ve been there. Would be great to shoot with Swarat sometime.

    One way to reduce curl is to place the developed film strips between pages of a thick book and keep for a few days. It straightens most of the curl. Ilford film tends to stay flat better than Kodak or Fuji. You could try Cine film e.g. ORWO that stays flat after developing.

    1. Thanks for the tips Sabir. I do put my negs in a book and that does help a lot but there is still always a slight curl. I have made note of your observation regarding Illford and ORWO and will look into getting either of these films whenever i travel next if they are not too expensive compared to tri-x 🙂

  3. Hi Kaushal I have been following your work for some time now and i must say that your talent is inspiring. I do a bit of casual street photography as well and I feel it needs a lot of courage. To add the cherry to the cake I absolutely love film photography. From the above, the first and sixth are truely marvelous and have become my favourate. Thanks for sharing and inspiring again.

  4. I read your post and enjoy your awesome work…..it give thinking back to my olympus om2 film camera witch not using last 20 years.
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Not easy to continue when facing confrontation or any kind of questioning, mood changes and it all changes. It’s wonderful that you recover so quickly and move on. Good stuff.

    1. I agree Alan. I generally get into a zone after which images appear more clearly and frequently before my eyes. Constant disturbance interferes with that process. But it also makes it more challenging i suppose 🙂

  6. Koolll!! 🙂 loved 1st & 4th alot…film has superb tonal quality 🙂 …luking forward of coming parts…

  7. it has been almost 2 months that I haven’t been practising photogtaphy due to my exams. Sometimes great pictures charge up the brain to get inspired to click good pictures again. These pictures did so for me. Pictures 1,2,4,7,8,9 were just too good 😀

  8. surprised to hear this bit about people asking a lot of questions in Hyd. I guess you would have looked like an outsider 🙂 loved the 1st and last one. simple frames but endearing. Dont ask me when i am starting to shoot.. will call and meet you soon.

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