Hyderabad Street Photography

Here are a few more images from Hyderabad taken several months ago.  Recently I have been busy with some interesting assignments and have some more fantastic assignments coming up – so that is a good thing 🙂  When I do shoot personal stuff I find myself trying to change things up while still keep things simple and honest.  I am also working on a theme to keep me focussed and interested.

I am still undecided about the entire online universe.  One part of me feels that if you stay away from it then people tend to forget you.  But the other part of me (a larger part) feels like that is a good thing.   So I find myself neither here nor there with a lukewarm presence online and a decent size archive which is still unseen to date.

What I do know is that I produce my best work when no one is looking.  So lately I have chosen not to be featured in interviews or online publications (and often even unpaid print publications) until I have something new and interesting to say.

So I am going to continue to work on my personal project and also shoot some conventional images like those below.  I will continue to pop in online from time to time. And mainly I am going to focus on traveling around the country either during workshops or just to meet and shoot with other photographers.  One plan I have, which is long overdue,  is to meet and shoot with the That’s Life members in their respective cities.  That warrants a visit to Calcutta, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune.

The coming months are going to be fun!






























8 thoughts on “Hyderabad Street Photography

  1. Interesting thoughts Kaushal. I hope you do stay online occasionally but good luck with the projects. There are some excellent shots here. Two leapt out at me as especially strong – the second one with the mound of broken mannequins and the black and yellow tuk tuk with the two characters looking away.

  2. well thought Kaushal sir…ur images are always intriguing and inspiring :)…the second last one and few frm park are best …plz keep showing ur wrk…luking forward of ur next series 🙂

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