Street Photography Workshop in Jaisalmer and Jodhpur

Our street photography workshop (Dimitris Makrygiannakis and myself) in Jaisalmer and Jodhpur just concluded and it was an intense 6 days packed with a lot of fun and photography.  There were a total of 5 participants and their enthusiasm made the entire experience very inspiring.

Below is an image created by each participant during the workshop and a few fun images from Rajasthan.  I did not want to post more images by each participant because I would rather they showed their work when and how they deemed fit.

Nakarin Teerapenun

A multi-talented creative soul, Nakarin is a musician, a sketch artist and a photographer.  He is a quiet and gentle person and this makes him even more invisible when shooting in the streets.  He has a hunger to learn and improve and his consistent growth in photography over the last year is very evident and is a testament to his passion.


Na Joy

Recently threw up a successful career as a fashion photographer to pursue his passion for street photography.  He has a formal training in photography but his uncanny ability to see the surreal in the mundane is something that is not easily taught.  Watch out for him in the future.

india 28-11-2014 web-3

SasinNakin Soi Sam Rom (Som)

When I referred to ‘fun’ Som was a large part of it.  Extremely funny and affable he clearly was drawn to the good in people and to the funny side of life.  A first time street photographer, his growth was astounding over the few days. He was quick to understand the nuances of what makes an interesting street photo and he quickly trained his eye to see accordingly.  With a bit more practice and experience he is sure to produce some good work in the future.


Ridwan Prasetyo

Ridwan has a kind and friendly personality.  Passionate about street photography and equally passionate about Leica cameras, he was very keen to learn and improve his photography and was very welcoming of constructive critisism.  He was keen to create good images but was more interested in the process of approaching potential images in the street.  His confidence visibly grew with each passing day and by the end of the workshop he would wander off by himself in search of good images.


Taey Kittipong

A soft spoken and polite gentleman, Taey has an inquisitive mind and always wanted to know what he could do differently when out in the streets to improve upon his images.  His questions often forced me to think more in-depth about certain street photography related issues.  It is this curiosity that will always serve him well in in his photographic journey.


And here are a few fun images of these talented photographers at the workshop –



Nakarin slid comfortably into his role as Prince of Jaisalmer





His wife’s name is Joy













We tried to make 2 eyes here – i guess only Taey managed.  But I got 2 eyes in the image below



And after an intense and hectic 6 days…


…Dimitris finally let his hair down!

And all too quickly it was time to say goodbye…for now



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