Hanging out around religion in Mumbai

Visited a church and the area around the tomb of a saint in Mumbai.  Again I enjoyed using my phone to capture moments in these situations where speed was not vital.  And of course the quality of phone images continues to impress. Having said that, while liberating, the phone is also quite limiting, and I still prefer a small point and shoot with a viewfinder that gives me a bit more control and makes composing easier with my ageing pair of eyes. 





7 thoughts on “Hanging out around religion in Mumbai

  1. Understand your comment about aging eyes. With you on that one!

    What apps, if any, do you use to tweak you phone photographs?

    Joe from Housyon

  2. I know what you mean about aging eyes.

    Question about your phone photos. What apps, if any, do you use to tweak the images?
    Your photographs are wonderful.

    Joe from Houston

  3. mobile images look really good in b&w. I think this is not a bad way to expand your image collection. And how about without the film development process!!

  4. I spent 10 days recently shooting only with my phone and I really enjoyed it. I think these are pretty amazing and prove that the camera is merely a means to an end. The eye is the most important thing.

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