How the image took shape

We recently spent a lovely few days in Coorg where I fell in love with the iPhone camera all over again.  Somehow the freedom of the phone camera gets my creative juices flowing rather freely and images start to appear in the most unlikely places.

Anyway, after a morning spent at the elephant camp, we stopped at a restaurant for lunch.  It was quite dark in there which as you will see eventually worked to my advantage.



My wife who by now is quite proud of her image spotting ability (trained by me of course!) took a close up image of a lamp that was hanging above our table and proceeded to show off about how cool she was.

I had to admit that there was potential and then took a similar image only not from so close.



To me this image resembled a planet in dark space and that is when the idea struck.

I could try and line up the lights above all the tables in a way that they looked like planets.

And voila!



Needless to say my wife loved this image but she was not very gracious in defeat 🙂


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