I’m a freelance photographer living in Mumbai, India. A few years ago I quit the corporate world to ‘paint with light’ and I have to say my life has been brighter since then. I travel as much as my wallet (and wife) allow and I personally prefer to focus my lens on a gritty street rather than an exotic beach. The camera enables me to see with a clarity and sensitivity that makes me feel more human.  I love people, but not in the social hangout kind of way.  I just love observing people live.

Unfortunately street photography is not understood by a lot of people; if it were it would command a lot more respect.  Street photography, while extremely personal and subjective, is probably the hardest to do.  It is an unadulterated documentation of life … history if you will.  And that is why I started this blog – to document my life in relation to the millions of lives around me.  Hope you will follow me on my journey.



18 thoughts on “About

  1. i read on your blog about your shutter dial problem.
    I just got a nice Rolleiflex and the shutter dial is stiff. I sent it off for a service to a Rolleiflex repair person here in the UK. He said that the front of the camera is not aligned and that it can easily be fixed and the stiff dial problem solved. Your pictures with the Rolleiflex are as good as any I have seen, wonderful really. Can you get your camera off for a service/cla to solve your problem?
    I love your work.

  2. Hi Kaushal, since you shoot film quite a bit, I was wondering where you buy film in India. Or do you get it shipped from Japan/US?

  3. The internet is super slow in Port Blair and for once it seems like a good thing. I actually wait for the picture to download slowly. Every image is worth those few seconds of suspense.

    Can’t believe it took me this long to discover your work. Love it!

  4. I spent nearly two years next door in Pakistan working for the US State Department at the embassy. Unfortunately I did not appreciate photography nor own a camera at the time! An opportunity lost. I love your photos!

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