Traveling light to GOA (with just a Sony RX100 M3)

Spent 2 days in Goa with the family and so once again the scope of photography was limited.  But I have come to enjoy these limitations and try and stretch myself within them.  For starters I always end up carrying a small camera on these holidays (Sony RX100 m3).  And then I am always on the lookout for images within the resort and a small stretch of the beach.  Photographing within a demarcated area actually heightens your senses. One thing is for certain – types of cameras matter so little today because they are all so damn capable! From our phones to impressive compact cameras we can always have a camera with us so there is never an excuse to stop shooting.




Mumbai looks impressive from up here


Heading straight for the Goan waters


The tiny camera holds up really well even at night













Delhi daze

I’d gone to Delhi for the launch of a friend’s night club.  Got there in the evening, partied all night, and was exhausted the next day.  Managed to get out late in the day for some photography before retiring for the night and flying back the next day.  Night club launches and street photography do not complement each other 😦

Whatever it takes to survive in the Capital winters

Early responsibilities

The impressive Select City Mall was filled with a festive spirit

Unique twist on a nose ring?

Successful sale?

My wife at the Red Fort.  By now we were exhausted and she had to force a smile

She looked more uncomfortable than the people in the crowded bus.  The traffic had come to a standstill.

Even disney couldn’t wake her

Still sleeping on the elevator to our room.  It was a tiring trip with a few hungover images!